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Possum Grapes

is the company name created by artist, Linda Snyder-Gaston for promoting her artwork. It is named after a plant that grows wild in Northwest Louisiana, which produces these cute little purple grape-like berries that any self-respecting possum cannot resist.

Like her clever business name and logo, Linda creates many different types of cutesy critters, images and lettering in her original, artistic style pieces.

She has brought to life a clever crowd of cutesy “critters”, which you can find in much of her artwork. Dragons are one of her favorites and seem to be the most mischievous. Those precious little critters are often found weaving their way into her colorful, eye-catching pieces of art. She renders these little guys in a way that always brings a smile to the beholder’s face.

Clever and interesting quotes hold a special place in Linda’s artwork, too. Using her spectacular hand-lettering talents combined with colorful backgrounds and artistic renderings make for extremely creative and pleasing art pieces.

Her art has become highly sought after at art festivals and gallery shows. And many of her images have been purchased for use in several feature films being made locally.


  1. PAPER COLLAGE Paper collage is one of Linda’s favorite and most creative mediums. It is quite amazing to see the pieces she can create with different pieces of cut colored paper, the addition of paint and her original ink drawings. Much of her artwork is based on this medium, including photo frames, journals and canvas.

  2. 2.   MEMORY JOURNALS One of the gifts given Linda is the ability to craft incredible memory journals. They are page upon page of bound beauty, artistically and cleverly created for keepsakes. Using her talents in paper collage, hand lettering and ink drawings, Linda makes these fabulous journals for special birthdays, vacation adventures, graduations or any other special occasion.

  3. PAINTING/LETTERING Painting and lettering on canvas is another medium Linda excels in. She uses different paint techniques to get her perfect imagined image. Then adding ink drawings of her cutesy critters and lettering puts the finishing touches on those clever canvases.

  4. 4.   HENNA/FACEPAINTING Linda is a very talented facepainter, graciously loaning her talents to events booked by www.FacezFacepainting.com. Her artistic style works wonderfully to produce fabulous, one-of-a-kind creations for these “lumpy” canvases called faces. Her detailed artwork lends itself wonderfully to intricate henna designs, as well.

Please see our photos in the portfolio section on this site.


Art pieces can be created to your special request for your decorative pleasure or an original gift. You may also order a custom made memory journal for your special occasion, like a 40th birthday, a special anniversary, or a graduation gift. Each custom created piece is different, please call for pricing.

If you would like to hire Linda for a facepainting or henna event you may call for quotes on a per event basis.

Watch for information on events and festivals where her artwork will be for sale.


If you have questions, please call or email us.
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